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Cosmic Sky
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Meditation and helping people go within comes naturally to me, and training people to connect their inner self with Spirit and the Universal Mind is a Major part of my work as a healer and metaphysical practioner.

As a REIKI MASTER I teach courses on REIKI I - II to MASTER levels for students who wish to learn and practice. Creating awareness on self healing is my mission.

As a workshop facilitator and Teacher of  Metaphysical subjects , I channel my teaching in depth about Akashic Records, Divination Tools as Tarot and oracle card, crystal and pendulum,  shell reading and many more to allow students to enrich their lives through deeper understanding of the mysteries that lie within, so they can go forward and assist others through this medium as well, here in our center students learn not to predict the future but assist people to get all their life answers within.

Love & Light, 

Malina Kumarasamy ❤💜❤

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